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Soul Mama’s Rock Shop brings color, good vibes to Lewiston

October 4th, 2015 Posted in Arts and Life

By Jillian McCarthy

LEWISTON —Amid the vibrantly painted walls, eclectic shelves and tables filled with arrays of rocks and crystals, the heart and soul of the place, Penny Wick of Soul Mama’s Rock Shop, brings life and character to the small town of Lewiston.

Penny Wicks’ shop is all color and positive vibes. Jillian Mccarthy photo

Penny Wicks’ shop is all color and positive vibes. Jillian Mccarthy photo

“My shop sends out positive and healing vibrations in every direction,” Wick said. “This town needed this shop.”

The rock shop has been open for a year, and was started so that Wick could bring healing and positive energies to her clients through her rocks, crystals and healing sessions.

“I did not believe I would have very many customers since I opened my shop out here in the boonies,” she said. “However, I have been very fortunate and have received more customers then I originally thought I would.”

Soul Mama’s Rock Shop is also online on Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram. Wick says that having her products online has allowed her to have customers from all over the world.

Wick has 10 local customers who come to her shop regularly, and has had 25 people from farther away who have come and stayed with her to experience her shop first-hand.

“Penny’s rocks and crystals have given me clear intentions and have helped with the success of my own business,” said Cameron Comstock, owner of CamCakes, a Soul Mama’s regular. “Whenever I have a new goal, I visit Penny’s shop. I become so engulfed in picking out my new rocks or crystals and I always walk away replenished.”

Comstock said that when visiting Soul Mama’s Rock Shop for the first time, he had such big goals that he picked out some of Wick’s largest pieces. He now uses his rocks and crystals in the background pictures of his work.

Some of Wick’s other customers come for the healing aspects of her business.

Stephanie Keller of Preston said that the first time she came to Wick’s shop, it was for some energy healing and chakra cleansing.

Because it’s such a small town with little foot traffic, Wick opens her shop by appointment only. She said that for her appointments, she likes to be 100 percent present by burning sage and making sure she is giving off only positive vibrations. She makes each appointment very personal to the client by providing tea, and if the customer chooses, she will help guide them to the right rocks and crystals.

“Penny has a wonderful, calm and loving vibe,” Keller said. “I visit the shop a couple times a month whenever I need some rocks and wind chimes. I always carry one rock in each pocket and I also give them away to friends that are having hard times.”



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