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Sports Academy accommodates sudden influx of members

September 13th, 2015 Posted in Opinion


By Janessa Fillingim


Sports Academy and Planet Fitness in Logan have been a lot more crowded over the past two weeks, following the closure of Gold’s Gym on Sept. 1.

According to the Health Spa Consumer Contracts for Health Spa Services law, if such a facility closes, the members are entitled to a full refund for the unused portion of their membership. To satisfy this refund without having to pay each member, the closing business can send their members to another facility within five miles of their previous location. That’s what the owner of Gold’s Gym did.

“They asked Sports Academy to service their members,” said Dan Smith, gym manager at Sports Academy.

Although most Sports Academy members have been understanding about the change, Smith said it has been a rough week for many of them. He explained that members of Sports Academy are not accustomed to the big crowd.

“We have a different membership club,” he said. “We have a family.”

Sports Academy member Cole Lewis said Sports Academy was the only gym comparable to Gold’s, “so I understand.” But, he said, “it’s just kind of rough with how busy it is.”

Rochelle Sever, a Sports Academy staff member, said there have been a few incidents with new members, but she has tried to be understanding.

“I think they were just confused because they didn’t even know that their gym was closing,” she said.

Smith said Sports Academy has enough space that it has been able to absorb the influx. Negotiations are underway, however, for the building lease of the previous Gold’s Gym.

“If we get it, we will gut the building and renovate it to be a Planet Fitness,” Smith said.


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