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Student art auction raises money for Art Guild

November 1st, 2010 Posted in Arts and Life

By Satenik Sargsyan

LOGAN–Spooky and artistic atmosphere in the dimly lit auditorium, the energetic music, treats and art pieces on the walls were not Halloween tricks on Friday. Well, except for the green, 4-foot alien hanging from the lamp. Everything was sending a message: Beware! Utah State University Undergraduate Art Auction is in process.

The auction provoked heated races of bidding and thinning of wallets: $275 for an oil painting by former USU art professor Scot Foster and $175 for a print by Woody Shepherd. Student savings were ultimately dedicated to appreciating art.

While the highest prices were offered for pieces by professors, the bulk of the auction consisted of art students’ donations of art work, art supplies and everything else that would “clear their desks and help the Art Guild,” said Guild vice president Michelle Larsen.

“It went really well,” Larsen said. “Last year we were in a much smaller room, and it got really crowded there. This room is much bigger. We were nervous how many people would show up.”

More than 70 people, mostly students felt comfortable to observe the pieces by getting really close and picking their favorites to bid. For artists, displaying their pieces, the feelings were different.

“It’s definitely a bitter-sweet moment,” said painting and drawing senior Holly Cobb, who donated 16 pieces to the auction. “I am excited that somebody wants my work but from a business perspective I know that I am losing money.”

Cobb said the fact that the money will go into financing the Art Guild, made it easier for her to say farewell to her works.

“I have been a part of the Art Guild for the past couple of years,” Cobb said. “I really, really support them, and anything I can do to help them is always a bonus.”

“From student works Holly Cobb’s pieces were the highlight of the auction,” Larsen said.

While many applauded Cobb’s paintings and drawings, calling her works “intellectual and worth at least $10,000 in the next few years,” they weren’t the most expensive.

“Holly’s paintings and drawings feature nude portraits,” Larsen said. “They usually aren’t as generic as landscapes. Some people don’t feel as comfortable hanging them on their walls.”

Graduate student in ceramics Louis Reilly won the bidding race for a Woody Shepherd print, outbidding his opponents by offering $175.

“He’s a rock star of painting,” Reilly said. ” It’s a beautiful painting, a beautiful print. My wife likes it, and it was my goal to buy it.”


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  2. By Cloisonne Vase on Nov 1, 2010

    Thanks for the report, it sounds like it went really well and was an exciting and pleasing event. Please can you post pics next time. Would have loved to seen the art work. Thanks

  3. By P Wakefield on Nov 3, 2010

    What a great event and cause. It’s good to see generous donations at a time when many people are ‘feeling the pinch’.
    Being held so close to Halloween perhaps the organizers should take advantage of this for the next (annual?) event.

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