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Sunshine Terrace reports on use of funds from Cache County

November 11th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Kara Kawakami

LOGAN–Sunshine Terrace is getting an aquatic therapy pool, and thanked the Cache County Council for contributing funds on Tuesday.

“There was a contribution for $63,000 from the county,” Sunshine Terrace administrator Steven Tracy told the council. He expressed his gratitude and added, “we want to make a full accounting” of the funds. The funds allotted by the county have been going to the aquatic therapy pool which is currently under construction. This pool helps individuals who are not able to stand on their own, and is basically a treadmill under water, Tracy said.

While it has been a challenge to keep up with the developing technology, Sunshine Terrace includes a campus, rehab center, assisted living, and outpatient therapy, Tracy said.

“Community involvement with Sunshine Terrace has just been incredible,” Tracy said, citing the volunteer hours, which number 4,072. By 2010 the volunteer hours will be up to 5,000, he said.

Councilman Brian Chambers questioned Tracy, asking if the economic climate and recession have had an impact on the residents of Sunshine Terrace, causing people to move out. Tracy replied that there have not been incidents of people moving out; instead the rate of people moving in has slowed. “We go into the community and serve the community,” Tracy said. “Our goal is to keep people in their homes as long as possible,” he said.

County Executive Lynn Lemon said that the funds allotted to Sunshine Terrace should have been $65,000, and asked Tracy to make sure that was the amount that was received. Also, the funds were given to Sunshine Terrace with the idea that they would be used for compensated care. Lemon expressed concern with having other non-profit organizations requesting funds for projects. “I think it would be good that the money is for uncompensated care,” he said.

Tracy said the use of funds will be redefined and re-earmarked for compensated care. Sunshine Terrace is very flexible and will ensure that the funds will go there, he said.

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