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Undead embed: Humans embark on first anti-zombie mission

October 4th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By the Staff of JCOM 1130

LOGAN—Rounds chambered and lethal, balled-up socks strapped to their chests, a group of students that had survived the day prepared to step off on its first anti-zombie mission on Monday night.

Many went out; not all made it back — as humans.

The walking dead invaded Utah State University and the college campus was turned into an apocalyptic war zone. The air was filled with the stench of rotting flesh and the piercing screams of the living-turned-undead.

A group of students staged at the Old Main Amphitheater. Armed with Nerf guns, some with a range of 70 feet, they discussed tactics. Matt Brown, a 25-year-old senior, and Conner England, a 21-year-old junior, huddled together. Brown was armed with an electric 10-shot, semi-automatic gun. England was armed with what he called his “reliable four-shot revolver.”

Brown and England had managed to survive day one and were preparing for their first night mission. It had been a tough day for both of them, as they had encountered several zombies since Monday morning. “I’m rocking eight kills today,” England said.

Brown trailed him with two kills. “I had a close call and was nearly turned into a zombie,” Brown said.

Rain poured down and soaked the students as they awaited orders from their leader. Lightning flashed in the distance.

“Who’s ready to kill some zombies?” asked the leader of the humans, who goes by the name of Solomons.

The students yelled back: “We are!”

“We cannot let ourselves go into pandemonium,” Solomons said. “We have to avenge our families’ deaths.”

Solomons split the students into three groups, each group numbered around 20. Brown and England were put into the group led by Eric van Niuwenhuyzen. “Don’t break apart or it will be chaos,” Niuwenhuyzen told the group. “It’s windy; we have to rely on our socks.”

“Killing zombies, perfect way to start October,” England said, as the students left the safety of the amphitheater.

As they walked across the grass, past the Old Main building, the students stayed in a tight group so all of their sides were covered.

Four zombies rushed the group from the back. Darts flew through the air striking the zombies, forcing them to immediately freeze. Three were down, but one was still running at the group. Brown took aim, but a girl was grabbed before he could get off the shot.

The girl froze; she had now become a zombie. She stayed frozen as the group tightened back together and left her behind

The group reached the Quad and sprinted across. Once the members had reached the sidewalk, they tightened back together. With their rally point at the Engineering Building ahead, they started running again.

Reaching the Engineering Building, the students rushed in to safety. Students looked around the group for their friends.

Most were still human.



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