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Wellsville’s leaning town hall has city council weighing options

November 20th, 2014 Posted in Opinion

By Sierra Copeland

WELLSVILLE — What started out as a minor plumbing fix in the bathroom turned into something much bigger for the future of the Wellsville Town Hall. At City Council Nov. 19, city manager Don Hartle announced that the whole town hall is leaning due to water in the foundation.

“The restroom has tilted enough that the toilet is now out of order,” Hartle said. “The floor was rotted clear through!”

According to Hartle, this is due to moisture under the building.

“There is no doubt about it, something needs to be done,” Mayor Thomas Bailey said.

It’s what should be done about the leaning town hall that has the council in a debate. Whether or not to keep the town hall on Main Street comes down to what amount of space the city will need in the future, and the current budget.

“Is this space going to be enough for the future of Wellsville city?” asked Councilman Perry Maughan. “I don’t think you can build a building on Main Street that will suffice Wellsville in 20 years.”

Other council members are worried about the cost. “It will be at least $150,000,” estimated Councilman Gary Bates. “We have the cash to just refurbish this building right now.”

The council agreed that before any decisions are made,  more research needs to be done on property opportunities and refurbishing costs.

“Let’s just make the town hall nice,” Maughan said. “We owe that to our citizens.”

In other business, the council approved a new moderate-income housing plan along with the approval of the Planning Commission’s recommendation to keep Mark and Kathryn Broughton’s property zoned RA-1. This means that they cannot have a septic tank on their lot, despite their wishes.


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