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What would Vincent think? Gum-chewers create Van Gogh masterpiece

January 23rd, 2011 Posted in Arts and Life

Story & Photos by April Ashland

LOGAN—It was all about chewing gum, Van Gogh and artistic inspiration at the Chase Fine Arts Center at Utah State this week.

From Tuesday through Saturday, dozens of gum-chewing USU students and community members chomped wads of Juicy Fruit and Bazooka to create a “Paint-by-Gum Wall Mural” of Van Gogh’s “Les Blés Jaunes” for the Caine College of the Arts “Celebration of the Arts.”

ASUSU Arts Senator Alan Dangerfield was pleased with the response to the project, which started early Tuesday morning when Arts Dean Craig Jessop was among the first to chew for his art, sticking his piece of gum onto a 4×6-foot print of the 19th century Dutch impressionist’s landscape.

Dangerfield provided the gum, but the inspiration to “improve” the artwork came from students and community members.

“The students have responded with creativity and have created a masterpiece of their own,” he said.

The idea came from a committee brainstorm, Dangerfield said, but the purpose was to create the opportunity for student interaction with the college, and to create an event for students and members of the community.

Logan residents Catherine and Andrew Kraning brought their daughter.

“I think it’s nice that it’s a whole-week event,” Catherine said. “It’s something that is free, but that we can bring [our daughter] to, which is great.”

Junior Kylie Martinez said she thought it was a cool idea. “I stuck my gum on there,” she said, pointing. “It’s the black one, about two inches down on the right side.”

“It was fun,” she said. “I would definitely do it again.”

Dangerfield promised more creative opportunities at the College of the Arts to come.

“They colored outside of the lines and have created something we weren’t expecting,” he said. “We will keep doing interactive artwork in the future.”


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