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Why live in Hyrum? Country atmosphere with city benefits, people say

October 22nd, 2011 Posted in Arts and Life

Story & photos by Kristi Ottley

HYRUM – The small-town country atmosphere and beautiful mountains, close schools, affordable living, and community events and activities make Hyrum an ideal city for many of its residents to build homes and raise their families.

“My experience in Hyrum has been positive,” said Celia Huish. “I love the small hometown feeling of walking down Main Street.”

Celia and her husband Lin have lived in Hyrum for about eight years. They did not raise their family in Hyrum, but say their neighborhood is a good place to raise children. “We looked in several communities and finally decided to build a home here because of our history here,” she said. “Also because Hyrum is considered a rural community, and we could get more house for our money.”

Since the city’s beginning in April of 1860, cowboys, farmers, common folk, businessmen, and members of many different religious organizations have made their homes in Hyrum. The city has grown immensely in its 151 years and is now home to 7,609 residents.

One of Hyrum’s many appeals is that residents have access to just about everything they could need right within the city. Seven parks, soccer and baseball fields, two banks, a local grocery store, medical and dentist offices, library, post office, automotive shop, and multiple restaurants provide residents with enough options that frequent trips into Logan are not necessary.

“I feel that Hyrum city really does a lot for residents,” said Jan Lindley. “We have several nice parks, a beautiful library and museum, sports-playing fields and tennis courts.”

Jan and her husband Kirt have lived in Hyrum for 19 years, and raised three children in the city. She has taught at Canyon Elementary since it opened six years ago. She really enjoys living in Hyrum and teaching third grade at the school.

“I have such wonderful neighbors and I love the small-town environment,” Lindley said. “I also like being close to the dam and to the mountains.”

“I love the location of Hyrum,” local resident Nancy Lloyd said. “It is close to the schools and there are many local businesses that make it so I don’t have to go in to Logan for everything.”

Nancy has lived in Hyrum for 33 years. Her daughter was born and raised in Hyrum and graduated from Mountain Crest High School. The beauty of the area is her favorite part of Hyrum. “I love the beautiful mountains and watching the leaves change colors in the fall,” she said. “I also like the peacefulness and serenity that is out here.”

When asked what she likes about Hyrum, Huish said, “I like that we have medical and dental offices here and bus services to and from Logan, and Ridley’s grocery store that rivals the prices of the biggest ones in town, especially if you shop the sales.”

“We have nice parks and a very well-kept cemetery,” said Stephanie Miller, a Hyrum city councilwoman. “We also have a fabulous library and museum.”

Stephanie Miller has lived in Hyrum for 33 years. She and her husband, Dan, have four children that they raised in Hyrum. She has served on the city council for eight years and is currently seeking her third term. “There are very good people that live here, and I love the rural atmosphere,” she said.

Hyrum has many recreation opportunities that residents and visitors can take advantage of. Hyrum Dam offers backyard swimming, boating, fishing and camping. Picnicking, hunting, fishing, camping and hiking are all available to outdoor enthusiasts up Blacksmith Fork Canyon.

“We live by the lake and the campgrounds, where others come to vacation, but I get to live here,” said Miller. “I love that swimming, boating, fishing, and camping at Hyrum Dam is available to us.”

Hardware Ranch is an elk refuge up the canyon that welcomes visitors and gives them the opportunity to learn about elk and other wildlife that are common in the area. It also provides multiple fishing streams that are accessible year round. Sleigh rides during the winter months draw many visitors to the ranch. To celebrate the Christmas season residents can participate in Hyrum’s Holiday at Hardware. This annual event is put on by the ranch specifically for residents of Hyrum. Residents can take free sleigh rides, enjoy cookies and hot chocolate, and get photos taken with Santa.

The city’s sports complex offers soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and tennis courts for use of local teams. Men, women, boys, and girls all have opportunities available to them to participate in different sports.

“I have enjoyed watching my children participate in the recreation program,” Miller said.

The Senior Center provides many opportunities and activities to older members of the community including concerts, lunch gatherings, yoga and other fitness classes, and quilting groups. The upcoming Harvest dinner in November is a night of socializing and reminiscing of memories and days gone by that is looked forward to by many.

Hyrum is home to two elementary schools, South Cache 8-9 Center, and Mountain Crest High School which is home of the Mustangs. The colors orange and blue are often found throughout the businesses in Hyrum as support of the local high school. Many of Hyrum’s residents and businesses are proud of their Mustangs and take advantage of any opportunity to show their support and pride.

“I didn’t think I would like living so close to a school because I thought traffic and noise would be a problem, but it really has been nice to be so close,” Kimberly Greer said. “I like that my children can walk to the elementary school and the high school when they start attending there.”

Kim and her husband, Josh Greer, have lived in Hyrum for two years. They were drawn to Hyrum because the city is within the boundaries that qualify for a rural housing loan, and they were able to purchase their first home there. They have been pleased with the close-knit community and the many opportunities available to them and their four children.

“It is nice to be able to enjoy the peacefulness of country living and at the same time being close to the city,” Kim Greer said.

Mountain Crest’s marching band is another source of pride for the city’s residents. The band has participated in many competitions throughout the country, played at the halftime show for the Real Salt Lake soccer team, and spent this past Independence Day marching in the National Independence Day Parade in Washington, D.C. The band is a favorite entry in the local parade that is part of Hyrum’s Star Spangled Celebration every 4th of July. The band can often be heard and seen on the streets practicing during the summer months.

“I love the Mountain Crest band marching past our house in the days prior to the parade, practicing their music,” Huish said.

“My children get their own private concert from the high school’s marching band as they march on the street in front of our home,” said Josh Greer.

The Star Spangled Celebration in July brings Hyrum residents together with many other residents from the cities throughout Cache Valley. The festivities include a parade down Main Street, vendors offering their goods and food in the city square, a water fight with the local firemen, free watermelon, and fireworks. Local residents enjoy participating in the festivities and are proud of their annual celebration that draws so many people.

“Our Fourth of July celebration every year is not to be missed, complete with fireworks, parade, rodeo, and many other activities,” Lindley said.

“I love the Fourth of July parade when the whole valley comes to Hyrum to celebrate,” Huish said.

“We love being able to watch the fireworks right from our own front yard,” said Kim Greer.

“Our Fourth of July celebration draws many people from the valley, including many who are past residents that like to come home,” Miller said.

Hyrum City is continuing to grow and expand. More and more people are choosing to buy and build homes in the area. The city is encouraging the growth by building new retirement communities, and developing more land for home and commercial building.

“I want people that have lived in Hyrum, and have retired, to have options to stay in the community,” Miller said. “We currently are beginning the building of several retirement communities. I would also like to have some walking trails, perhaps around the lake, and one that goes up the canyon.”

Hyrum is an ideal community for many of its residents. Its government, many activities, senior center, rodeos, sport opportunities, schools, and businesses all offer something for everyone and positively influence many people to make their homes in Hyrum. The opportunities and possibilities are endless in Hyrum.

“Hyrum is an economically sound community with a generally good, small hometown feel,” said Huish. “There are many good people that live here that have education, good family values, and contribute positively to their community.”


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