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Woman sentenced for driving on suspended license

May 6th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Kate Clark

LOGAN–Vicki Johnson was sentenced to 41 hours of community service Wednesday in Logan City Municipal Justice Court for driving on a suspended license. Johnson, who pleaded guilty for the second-time offense, claimed she wasn’t aware of the suspension, a consequence for driving without insurance.

“I didn’t know I was driving on an uninsured truck,” she said. “I am dealing with a stupid husband. He probably picked up the mail and didn’t let me know.”

Judge Cheryl Russell said, “I can’t help you there, that’s a marital problem.”

Johnson claimed she and her husband had been experiencing problems for a while, and that they were no longer living together. She is now in the process of purchasing her own vehicle.

“I’ve had insurance my entire life until I’ve been with this man,” Johnson said.

Johnson requested that she receive a community service sentence because she does not have the means to pay off a fine.

Judge Russell complied, but left Johnson with a word of warning. “What happens in your home doesn’t just affect you, society is affected the same. When you get to the bottom line and someone gets hurt because of your decision, they’re not going to care what marital problems you’re having.”


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