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Easter egg hunt an annual tradition for Millville Youth Council

April 14th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

Story and photo by Mariah Noble

MILLVILLE — Teens from the city Youth Council filled 2,000 plastic Easter eggs with candy Wednesday night in preparation for the upcoming annual city Easter egg hunt.

Committee Chair Gage Bleazard, a sophomore at Mountain Crest, said they have been preparing for almost two months for the event.

“The math – how many eggs I should get, what age groups we should have – was probably the hardest thing,” Bleazard said. “Most of it was pretty easy though because they did it last year and I could follow what they did.”

Bleazard said he remembers having fun at the egg hunt when he was younger. The youth council’s mayor, Meagan Williams, said she too remembers being involved in the hunt as a child.

“I liked it, and I liked all the older kids who were putting it on for us,” Williams said. “I thought they were cool.”

Secretary Katie Pehrson said she enjoys putting on the Easter egg hunt. “It’s really fun to see the kids because they’re all our neighborsr,” she said.

Although the egg hunt, which will take place April 23 at 9 a.m., is a well-known tradition in the area, it is not the only event the council hosts throughout the year.

Pehrson has been on the council for three years. She said the youth council hosts an event where Santa comes to visit children in the winter, holds a fall festival and plans Millville Fun Days in the summer.

“There’s a parade and fun run where people can run a 5K or mile race,” Pehrson said. “My favorite event is Millville Fun Days because we’re constantly involved the whole day.

Activities like these take planning, and for people like Bayley Zollinger, who does public relations for the council, it’s not always easy to coordinate schedules with other acitivities.

“I’m just already so busy,” Zollinger said. “Sometimes I’m late with work and stuff, but it’s not really too bad.”

Pehrson also said being a member of the youth council is not always easy.

“Everyone has their own opinions and wants to do things different ways,” Pehrson said. “But we learn to compromise and learn from experience. Sometimes it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely worth it.”

Williams agreed that the experience of serving on the council is rewarding. “I like being involved in the community,” Williams said. “The people here are fun and want to help. The youth in Millville just like to get involved.”


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