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6 for North Logan City Council: candidates make their last pitches

November 18th, 2015 Posted in Opinion

By Breana Bonner

NORTH LOGAN — Six candidates have been vying for three open seats on the City Council, and it’s all to be decided on Tuesday. The candidates have been focusing on the issues of maintaining North Logan’s “rural feel” by strategically planning economic development, adapting for future population growth and balancing the city’s budget and resources.

All the candidates are proud North Logan citizens who offer a variety of expertise to the people of North Logan.

Incumbent Kristen Godfrey Anderson wants to continue focusing on “balancing the interests of current residents with an eye toward the future growth and development.” Anderson says her business degree from Utah State University has helped her understand and properly execute financial matters on the Council, and she hopes to continue this in a new term.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve on the City Council,” Anderson said. “North Logan is a good place with good people and beautiful land. I want to do my part to continue to make this a wonderful place to live.”

Fellow incumbent Roger T. Anderson hopes to preserve the city’s “unique features” while planning for North Logan’s long-term needs. He believes his past experience on the Council has reinforced his “desire, enthusiasm, dedication and ability to serve the residents of North Logan.” Anderson says he has open-mindedly considered different opinions and viewpoints, which he says has allowed him to make decisions that are best for the city as a whole.

“I’ve enjoyed the last four years,” he said. “I’m grateful for our friendship with the city staff. I go in and not only pay my city bill – I see people I know and we get to catch up. I’ve obeyed the city laws and ordinances and I’ve had a chance to listen to citizens. All of us are citizens willing to serve.”

If reelected, fellow incumbent Damon Cann plans to continue his “commitment to fiscal responsibility, public safety and careful management of the city budget” while “maintaining the high quality of life” in North Logan. He believes his experience in city government and as a political science professor at USU give him insight into the workings and needs of the city.

“It’s a humbling thing,” Cann said. “Every time I think about what I’ve done and the decisions I’ve tried to make on the Council, I think North Logan is a great place not because of elected officials or the City Council – it’s a great place because of the people that live here.”

Meet the NLC Candidates Night.

Challenger Bradley Crookston understands that “elected officials must do their best to ensure tax dollars are spent wisely and that a balanced budget is necessary for prosperity.” He hopes to use his master’s degree in civil engineering to benefit and add insight to the inner-workings and issues the city faces. Crookston says he hopes to implement the skills he has gained from being a part of the city Planning and Zoning Commission.

“I do feel I have special qualifications,” Crookston said. “But I also think we’d be lucky to have anyone here. I do enjoy serving and I try very hard to do what’s right. I love living in North Logan and I want to preserve what it is.”

Challenger Bruce Lee wants to serve the community, and says he believes he has the qualifications to do so. With an undergraduate business degree and MBA from Utah State, Lee says he hopes to bring operational and executive management experience to the Council. Currently a Cache Chamber of Commerce board member, Lee wants to see the city “grow responsibly and protect the citizen’s rights.” When faced with evaluating city programs, maintenance, and other opportunities, Lee says he plans to vote to “stay within the city’s means.”

“I don’t have a special agenda,” Lee said. “I’m committed to reviewing the issues and applying common sense to decisions. I’m committed to the community and it’s time to give back.”

Challenger Gordon Younker’s family has lived and farmed in North Logan for the past 100 years. Younker says he brings “extensive experience in government affairs” to the Council. Younker is an associate director of The Family Place, a family counseling center. He has served two previous terms on the City Council, and two years on the Planning Commission.

“As citizens, we can be involved,” Younker said. “I really do want this city to look forward in this area of growth – there are smart ways to do so. I’m interested in representing the people.”


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