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A night out at Lewiston Theater

February 5th, 2013 Posted in Arts and Life

By Shayna Marcure

LEWISTON — Tenth row up, and two very comfortable seats in, is where you found me at 9 p.m. Saturday night, enjoying my treats and the second digitally projected film ever showcased in the 76-year-old Lewiston Theater — and all for under $4.

Here Comes the Boom is the first movie that we have used the new digital projector with,” said Randi Barr, one of only five employed community members at the city-owned theater. “And it’s been fabulous,” she said.

According to Jane Anderson, the theater’s assistant manager, the new digital system cost over $60,000. She said all films released to theaters will now require the digital projector, so the investment was a necessary accommodation to the one-screen cinema.

Anderson gave credit to a grant, and donations from the community for the purchase of the costly projector, and she also mentioned that the city offers subsidized loans to the community theater.

“The city really helps us out because they want to keep this theater around. There’s so much history,” she said.

The walls were flowered with historical memorabilia, including framed articles in the form of newspaper clippings, along with notes and autographs from old theater members who performed in the building, dating back to the 1940s.

“This used to be a musical theater,” Anderson said. “A man who lives here in Lewiston, who lived here as a child, painted it back to its original authentic paint scheme.”

The renovation took place about five years ago, which also kicked the seating capacity from 310 down to 247. The theater averages 200 to 300 visitors every weekend, Anderson told Hard News Cafe, “and when we get a newer movie, we can sell out. It’s happened many times.”

The films released in Lewiston are usually out before the DVDs, which helps with popularity.

“We’re a discount movie theater, so the manager goes to the movies and watches the films playing there to make sure they’re appropriate to have here,” Barr said. “We also get requests from people from the community for movies to show.”

Lewiston Theater does not show R-rated movies, Anderson said. “It’s an awesome place, and landmark. We provide clean entertainment at a reasonable price for our youth and families in the area.”

Located at 29 S. Main St., Lewiston Theater premieres a different movie every Friday night at both 7 and 9 p.m., then again on Saturdays. Tickets are only $2 and all treats are under $1.50. Mondays are designated $10 family nights, and show time is 7 p.m.


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