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Bateman declares candidacy for District 5 seat in Utah House

March 1st, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Bonnie Phelps

PROVIDENCE–Providence resident Chuck Bateman announced his decision to run for Utah House of Representatives, District Five on Friday night.  He made this announcement to an audience of about 35 people at the Cobblestone Commercial Building in Providence.

Bateman will run against Curt Webb for the Republican backing on April 30 at Mt. Logan Middle School where the delegates vote.  The delegates will be elected on March 23 at neighborhood caucus meetings.   If Bateman or Webb gets 60 percent or more of the votes, they will receive the Republican backing, and the one who got 40 percent or less will be eliminated.  If neither gets 60 percent, there will be a primary election.

In Bateman’s address he promised to maintain his integrity.  “I will commit to you that I will stand solid on correct principles, and I will not allow them [the people he would work with] to deviate me,” Bateman said. He reiterated this point several times. He implied that his overall goal is to maintain and improve the freedom and liberty of the citizens of Utah, and ultimately the United States.

When telling why he decided to run, Bateman said, “I’m not here because this was my idea.  I was approached in many different directions and asked if I would run.” 

Bateman said that he would not allow himself to be paid off, and if anyone tried to bribe him in any way he would try his utmost to make it very clear to them that he knew exactly what they were doing.

Bateman and his wife, Patti, became interested in U.S. government a few years ago, so he took a couple of classes on the U.S. Constitution. Bateman mostly spoke on the federal government Friday night, even though he is running for a state office. 

“The biggest problem that we have as a state is the encroachment of the federal government,” Bateman said.  Bateman reminded the public that they have a constitutional right to resist this encroachment, and said that our problems as a state will be corrected when our federal problems are fixed.

Bateman said that one of the biggest problems in our federal government is that the White House and Congress are assuming too much power, and by doing this they reduce the rights of the people.

When Patti Bateman introduced her husband to the crowd, she said that he would be a friend to education.  Bateman was a high school teacher for five years in Malta, Mont., so education holds a special interest for him. Bateman mentioned that he would work to ensure students are educated more thoroughly in early American history, especially the Constitution.

You can vote in the precinct on March 23.  Visit cachecounty.org for more information and to see the map of precincts in your area.


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  1. 2 Responses to “Bateman declares candidacy for District 5 seat in Utah House”

  2. By MKing on Mar 2, 2010

    Chuck Bateman is a very knowledgeable man. He has a firm understanding of the role of government, the constitution, economics, and much more. He understands the people of this valley and will work to support, protect and defend their rights. He is a man of integrity and is the right person to will represent Utah and district 5.

  3. By Patti Bateman on Mar 13, 2010

    Thank you for the wonderful article about Chuck’s announcement. It is refreshing to know there are Media outlets that are reporting the news accurately and fairly.

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