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Bear cubs, piglets and baby goats steal the show at Baby Animals Days

April 11th, 2010 Posted in Arts and Life

By Jess Allen
Photo by Caresa Alexander

The stars of the show were undoubtedly the baby black bears, but none of the piglets, bunnies, goats and other animals at the Western Heritage Center’s Baby Animals Days went ignored over the weekend.

As families swarmed around pens and cages, and kids shrieked in excitement, the annual festival offered up pony rides, several kinds of farm animals to pet, vendors selling treats and trinkets, train rides, a mechanical bull, moonwalks, and other attractions to entertain children and adults.

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Many of the baby animals were for sale, and some were taken home as soon as they were purchased.

For one man this was the perfect way to get back at his ex-wife as he and his daughter talked to a woman who was selling baby goats and rabbits.

“I’m trying to buy every animal here and send it home,” Lane Christensen said with a laugh. “It’s the ultimate payback.”

Matching word to deed, Christensen conferred with Kristy Herzog about how to send a baby goat home with his daughter.

Sarah Richardson bought a black and white piglet and a pair of large rabbits. Richardson held the squealing piglet as her daughter stroked its head and offered name suggestions.

“It’s our first female animal,” she said as her daughter scurried to find a cardboard box to take the animal home in.

Long lines waited to visit the bear cubs from Yellowstone National Park’s Bear World. The little bears looked more like puppies than something that eventually will be big enough to overturn a Dumpster.

“They were all asleep lying on their backs,” Kayde Auger said. “They were so cute!”

Under the eye of a couple of handlers, the cubs played on the large tree branch, chewed on a folding camp chair, and bounced around their campsite enclosure after their handlers.

“They were wrestling and playing with each other,” said Cheryl Farr, visiting from Salt Lake City with her daughters.


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