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Brigham City woman sentenced for second DUI

April 14th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Hillary Bowler

LOGAN—Tracy Meadows, 40, of Brigham City was sentenced to 180 days in the Cache County Jail, fined $1,500 and placed on probation in 1st District Court on Monday.

Meadows was convicted of driving under the influence, a class B misdemeanor and her second DUI offense. She must also attend court-ordered alcohol and/or drug counseling as part of her probation.

The defendant was pulled over Dec. 31 for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Defense attorney Nathan Jeppsen said Meadows had been in an argument with her husband shortly after her husband discovered his mother had cancer.

Attorney Andrew McAdams, the prosecutor, said Meadows had a drink, took an Ambien, a sedative marketed as a sleep aid, and left the house in a car. Her sister contacted law enforcement and informed them of Meadows’ situation. She was pulled over shortly thereafter.

Jeppsen discussed Meadows’ recent circumstances including family health problems and job loss.

“I have been working very hard to do everything I’m supposed to,” Meadows said to Judge Kevin Allen, mentioning the fact that she’s working with her LDS bishop extensively, among other counseling, to overcome her problems with drinking. She said she was very willing to correct her problems.

Meadows was previously convicted for driving under the influence in 2008.

“Frankly, I would normally give more jail time for a second offense,” Allen said. He suspended 170 days of the sentence, noting how willing and hard-working Meadows is and has been over this issue.

The defendant requested a short amount of time to gather and organize necessary prescription drugs for the booking to go smoothly. Judge Allen ordered Meadows to report to the Cache County Jail at 4 p.m., about an hour after the sentencing.


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