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CHaSS chili warms up the last week of classes

December 11th, 2010 Posted in Arts and Life

By Satenik Sargsyan

LOGAN—Hot chili on a chilly day, for a good cause.

That was the brainstorm of Katie Brammer, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHaSS) student senator who served chili to fellow students on a foggy Tuesday to raise money for a scholarship fund.

The activity was a part of the efforts to fund one scholarship a year in CHaSS. The tradition started last year and was carried over to Brammer’s agenda this year.

“Last year the HASS Senator Josie Olsen did a really good job at starting to put money into a scholarship fund,” Brammer said. “However, they weren’t as successful at raising the amount they wanted so the plans just got carried over to this year.”

Brammer said that the chili sale marks the beginning of this year’s efforts to fund a scholarship for a CHaSS student with the most need. Last year’s effort raised enough to provide one student with books for two semesters.

“There are so many opportunities that students are unaware of,” Brammer said. “This is something for a student who doesn’t meet the qualifications for those but is in dire need.”

The event was executed by ASUSU Senate activity co-chairs Jennifer Mortensen and Sarah Peel. This being the first event for the community, Peel and Mortensen said they had to learn the strategies of organizing a campus event.

Also, taking into account that the event was scheduled during the last week of school, the Senate organized an event that would allow students to contribute without much effort, Brammer said.

“We tried to do something that would be helpful for the students, and wouldn’t be too complicated on ourselves since it was our first event,” Mortensen said.

“For this event, we wanted something quick and easy because finals are coming up, and everyone is stressing right now,” Peel added. “Everyone has to eat lunch. It won’t take much of the students’ time, and they’ll still be contributing.”

Brammer said that she anticipated somewhere between $100-$200 from the event. The rest of the money will come from larger CHaSS Week activities, planned in March.

With the Caine College of Arts now separated from what used to be the College of HASS, Brammer said the organizers of CHaSS week will miss “awesome activities” from art students, but the planned events will still highlight the uniqueness of USU’s biggest college.

“We really want to start highlighting the different departments within the college because CHaSS is a college that every student of the university has to go through one way or another,” she said.

Brammer said her CHaSS student committee was planning on featuring two departments each month in the spring semester to tighten cooperation between the subunits in the college as well as showcase what CHaSS has to offer to USU community.

“People kind of see CHaSS as this college of all other majors,” Brammer said. “What we want to do is to bring two departments together at a time. For example, English majors and journalism majors can work with students on their resumes, or give them tips on how to write a good term paper.  Speech Communication students can teach students how to overcome public speaking anxiety or how to make their presentations more successful.”


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