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Citrus and Sage serves up coffee once more

May 6th, 2010 Posted in Business

By Cody Littlewood

LOGAN–Citrus and Sage, a unique cafe experience, re-opened its doors for business in February. This happened not a moment too soon with spring arriving and coffee houses’ busy season coming up. The shaded patio and ritualistic summer crowd almost were forced to spend the spring and summer apart, after the cafe closed for business last year, leaving only two locally owned coffee houses available for the local business patrons. The cafe was sold, but stayed within the family.

Steve Danielson, barista at Citrus and Sage, has worked for the cafe since the reopening and before they closed. “We’ve gotten all of our old clientele and customers back,” Danielson said. He also said that they could still use more business.

“It’s hard to get a small business going,” Danielson said. The laws and building codes can require expensive additions or modifications to an older home-turned-business such as this, but Ihe understands these codes are needed, he said.

The local business doesn’t see much competition and the barista said that Cafe Ibis has been “co-competition” because while the two businesses are located within a block of each other, Ibis has been very helpful to Citrus and Sage. They’ve helped service their espresso machine and provide Citrus and Sage with their coffee beans.

The cafe is located inside what used to be a house, and is complete with little nooks to sit in, benches lining the walls, and chairs at tables in every direction. Popular artist Greg Frehner, who is mostly known for his use of tiny designs to build magnificent portraits of famous figures, has art on display and sale at the cafe. The cafe also features open mic nights and will probably be having them regularly on Thursdays. These open-mic nights will be open to poets, artists or musicians.

Christopher Brown said he started going to Citrus and Sage back in 2006. He said he originally started going to the cafe because several of his friends were not allowed to smoke in front of Ibis, but that Citrus and Sage became a home to him because it is a more mellow environment.

“This is where I got a lot of my homework done,” he said. The old owners allowed Brown to go upstairs where it is not open to the public and do his work.

Brown was surprised about the re-opening, but happy. “It brought back a lot of old memories,” he said. A pivotal scene in the novel that Brown is writing is actually placed in a cafe modeled after Citrus and Sage, so there are a lot of ties that keep Brown coming back.

The cafe is off to a great re-start, but as always they encourage new people to stop by and try them out. The baristas are friendly, the customers are easy to talk to and the atmosphere is hard to beat in Logan.

“I just love making coffee,” Danielson says, often. “I like socializing with the cool people that come in.”


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