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Cobblestone annexation has Mendon council’s attention

November 14th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Kade Delis

MENDON—The proposed annexation of Cobblestone Road is becoming more possible, the City Council reported on Nov. 12. Cobblestone is a road outside of the Mendon city boundaries that is home to over 30 residents.

Homeowners of both towns were at the council meeting to share their opinions about the decision and what should be done. Some accepted the annexation, others did not.

Mayor Mike Morgan said that Cobblestone residents often use Mendon’s parks for recreation and celebrations. Cobblestone and Mendon inhabitants also often drive through each other’s areas.

“My personal feeling is that Cobblestone belongs in Mendon,” Morgan told the audience. “What are the arguments? That they don’t live in Mendon?”

Mendon’s water supply has recently raised much speculation because of the dangerous levels of nitrate that wound up in the supply two months ago. Morgan also pointed out that property taxes would rise, but water rights would not be affected by the annexation.

One of the audience members said, “For us we are at your mercy.” Another told the council that the majority of people would be OK with it.

“This is not a great time to be annexed. I think everybody understands that,” Councilman Jason Wooden stressed. “Never once have people come before us and said they want to be annexed.”

“If the majority of people think it’s a good idea, than I’ll go with it,” Councilman John Hardman told the audience.

Mayor Morgan asked Wooden to get a planning and zoning plan for the road. He also acknowledged that the property would not change unless the people wanted it. The Cobblestone residents thanked the council for being consistent with their water policy.

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