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Cows, barber shops—Cache ‘Gateway’ Wellsville by the numbers

February 28th, 2014 Posted in Opinion

By Sarah Romero

WELLSVILLE—In the 6.4 square miles making up Wellsville, Cache Valley’s oldest city, there are more homeless people and more beauty salons than full-time city employees.

barbershopWellsville may be small (about 3,800 residents) compared to other cities, but it has a big job upholding its title as the “Gateway to Cache Valley.”

  • 25—The number of individuals who established Maughan’s Fort, which became Wellsville, in 1856. Wellsville is the valley’s oldest settlement.
  • 6—The number of the town’s full-time employees.
  • 19—The estimated number of homeless people in Wellsville. (Although not verified by city.)
  • 109—The number of businesses in Wellsville. 96 of them are run out of resident’s homes.
  • 1—The number of full-service gas stations in Wellsville.
  • 5.78—The number of miles to the closest grocery store from the tabernacle.[1]
  • 4—The number of operating dairies in Wellsville.[2]
  • 760—Approximate number of cows in Wellsville. (500 dairy, 260 beef.) This is only 3 percent of the total number of cows in Cache Valley, which total 17,900.[3]
  • 7—The number of hair salons/barber shops in Wellsville.
  • 9—Approximate number of times the tabernacle has been renovated since it was built in 1908.[4]
  • 728—The number of new residents expected to live in Wellsville by 2020. Currently, there are about 3,800 residents of Wellsville.[5]
  • 1,048—The number of housing units in Wellsville. Approximately 36 of these housing units are vacant.[6]
  • 3.39—The average number of persons per household.[7]
  • 1,146—The number of water connections in Wellsville. Twenty-nine years ago, there were 660 water connections.[8]
  • $52,052—The average annual income for Wellsville residents. The average annual income for Cache County is $55,700,[9] and for Utah is $57,049.[10]

[1]Ridley’s Family Market in Hyrum.

[2] Cache County extension officer Clark Israelsen said there used to be dozens.

[3] According to Clark Israelsen from the Cache County Extension Service.

[4] According to Wellsville historian Wilma Hall.

[5] As of 2010 census.

[6] According to the 2014 Wellsville Affordable Housing Plan.

[7] According to the 2014 Wellsville Affordable Housing Plan.

[8] According to City Manager Don Hartle.

[9] According to the 2014 Wellsville Affordable Housing Plan.

[10] http://www.deptofnumbers.com/income/utah/

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  2. By David Swanson on Mar 1, 2014

    I personally have not seen one homeless person. Not sleeping in the parks, not walking the streets, not begging for food…

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