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Dog kennel permit granted to River Heights couple

April 21st, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Lis Stewart

RIVER HEIGHTS—The Planning and Zoning Commission approved a conditional use permit for a dog kennel at 372 E. 700 South following a public hearing Tuesday night, on condition the property owners, Tyler and Theresa Porter, control the barking of their two outdoor dogs.

Commission Chairman Lorin Zollinger produced three letters sent to him by neighbors of the Porters, expressing concern over having more dogs on the property when the two they already have bark during the day.

“We didn’t know they were disturbing anyone,” Tyler said. “We asked the neighbors and no one said anything.”

Tyler and Theresa both work during the day, and said they keep the two dogs outside in a kennel while at work so they get fresh air. Theresa said if barking is a problem, however, the dogs could be kept inside.

Theresa said the dogs getting exercise is not a problem, and that should not be what causes the barking. Although they spend the day in the 6-by-10-foot kennel, she runs with them every morning before going to work. “It’s not like they don’t get exercise,” she said.

Commissioner Danny Peterson expressed his unwillingness to regulate the Porters’ options for how to control the barking. “We can’t tell you how to take care of it, it just needs to be taken care of,” Peterson said.

The commission discussed options with the Porters on how they might do that. A barking collar was suggested, as well as additional training. Commissioner Rob Astle said if the dogs can be trained not to bark, they might not need to be kept in the house while the Porters are gone.

Another neighbor’s letter said they were concerned with the odor if more dogs were to live on the property. Tyler said that would not be a problem, and he already cleans the kennel daily. The Porters said the third dog in question, the reason the permit is being obtained, is an indoor dog that may be used for breeding purposes in the future.

Currently, city zoning laws permit only two dogs per property, which is why a kennel permit must be obtained in order to have more.

The commission voted unanimously to approve the conditional use kennel permit, with these conditions:

–There may be no more than three dogs on the property.

–The kennel must be kept free of fecal matter and odor free.

–The owners need to control barking, whether they are at home or away.


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