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Dumpster fires persist in Logan, cause concern to authorities 

February 9th, 2016 Posted in Public Safety

By Megan Dolan 

Police responded to reports of a dumpster fire around 200 West near the Logan River Golf Course on Saturday afternoon, calling fire personnel to the scene to put it out. The continual chain of fires has become a cause of concern to the department.

Dumpster and trashcan fires were frequently reported at the end of 2015 and have continued in the early weeks of 2016, with at least three being identified as arson in the past month.

Fire department officials believe the burn they put out on Saturday was no different.

“It definitely wasn’t an accident,” Logan fire marshal Craig Humphreys said. “It’s definitely arson. We’re not sure who’s behind all of these illegal burns or why they’re doing it, but they’ve become more frequent.”

Gary Jensen, Logan’s police chief, said that while the department has continued the investigation behind the fires, the inconsistency of the times and locations at which the fires are set make it difficult for any leads to be found.

“It definitely is a reason to be concerned,” Jensen said. “It’s both illegal and extremely unsafe for people who could be close by where the fires are lit. We are taking the investigation very seriously so that these arson cases will stop.”

“I think it’s a real shame, you know, that someone is doing this on purpose,” Humphreys said. “Police and firemen shouldn’t have to use precious time to put out fires someone sets as a prank or to have some fun when they could be helping people in real trouble during that time.”

The police department is advising residents keep on the lookout for any suspicious activity in order to help shorten the investigation. The department can be contacted at 435-716-9300.

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