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Engineers outline transportation master plan for Nibley

November 12th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Mandy Morgan

NIBLEY — Round-abouts, bike trails, and crossing near railroads were the main topics Wednesday night at the Nibley Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Chris Carford, Rod Blossom, and Joe Perrin, professional engineers commissioned to make a general transportation master plan for the city, presented recommendations, plans, and possible improvements for the city’s roadways and transportation options.

The biggest overall goal of the engineers was identifying solutions. Changes are desired in the city, most specifically with the roadways and transportation. So the engineer’s job was to come up with maps for different transportation and roadway options all over Nibley.

Carford gave the main presentation, presenting to the commission with full maps, flowcharts, and lists on display boards.

“When looking at transportation as a whole, the main idea is just trying to stay current,” Carford said. Most of the proposed parts of the transportation plan for the city were suggestions or ideas that would most likely not be carried out for at least a few years, with the plan being that most of the changes would be executed in the next 10 years.

There was a list of goals that the engineers had put together for the transportation plan, but the main two were to 1) provide safe, comfortable transportation for residents of the city and 2) to develop road policies for all roads and changes in the city.

There were three objectives set to help the city and engineers to accomplish the goals. The first was to “update existing roadway inventory…to anticipate maintenance that will be needed,” Carford said. The city needs to look into what’s been paid, what needs to be paid, and what other expenses may crop up while working on the master plan.

The second objective was “compiling all various transportation modes into one system,” Carford said. One major way in which the engineers had gone about doing this was to look at all trails and bike ways and get them into the road system that they currently have. They also identified the public transit as the other major mode of transportation in the city.

“It’s not a super extensive system at this point but we did feel that it was important and needed to be talked about,” Carford said, “and we did do some mapping and made some recommendations in regards to that.”

The last objective, and the most important according to Carford was taking a lot of the existing information, called a planning level analysis, and taking all existing free data and did some projections for transportation plans.

“We used those numbers with the future land use mapping that we’ve done as part of the general plan update,” Carford said, “and defined a transportation area, looked at projected population and generated some traffic numbers that would come from growth areas.”

In short, the engineers are looking at how they can make improvements, while incorporating the possibilities with population and city growth. To keep the final transportation plans as close to the desired final goals as possible, paying attention to population growth and projections is possibly the most important objective with the project, Carford said.

Some detail was added to options and improved future plans with cross-ways and trails for pedestrians and bikers.

“The trail network lacks connectivity to be a real viable network,” Carford said. “There’s a lot of segments that are built and segments that are needed.”

The last big topic to be covered was that of public transport to, from, and through the city. Most discussion was based around the CVTD routes that take residents of Nibley to designated places all around Cache Valley.

“It takes me a minimum of 45 minutes to ride the bus to Center Street in Logan when I can ride it on my bike in less than 20,” Commissioner Aaron Bliesner said.

The best proposal, according to Carford, that the engineers made to help speed up the commute time for Nibley citizens included designating three park-and-ride locations in the city.
“Current routing is not lending itself to be an speedier,” Carford said, and he believes that efficiency would be increased and could speed up commute time for Nibley citizens heading to Logan up to three times what it currently is.

The action items were included and reiterated in the conclusion of the presentation. “The process continues on and obviously all of these things cost money,” Carford said. “So really some of the next steps are using some of the tools we provided for your maintenance scheduling as well indentifying which one of these areas is to be a priority to be built.”

After a conclusion of the engineer’s presentation, the council accepted the proposed transportation master plan. Inventories of roads and expenses will begin within the commission as soon as possible, and lots of changes are hoped to be made in the next few months and years.

The Nibley Planning and Zoning Commission, as well as the City Council will no longer be meeting in the original city building due to the completion of the new building just down the street.


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