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Fitness expo vendors want changes for next year

October 14th, 2015 Posted in Health, Logan News

By Anna Tuckett

Saturday was the last day of the two-day LivFit Expo, and vendors are already providing the coordinators with a list of changes they’d like to see in the future.

Dr. Thomas Fullmer, the owner of the Advanced Spine and Health Center of Cache Valley, was one of the vendors who discussed his frustrations about the event with the coordinators, Steve Suhaka and April Berezay.

“There are flyers and signs around the valley, but they don’t have the schedule on them,” Fullmer said of the event that took place in the west half of the George S. Eccles Ice Center. “And the event just needs to be promoted more.”

Fullmer has been a vendor at other conventions held at the ice center, including the Cache Valley Home and Garden Show and the Logan Holiday Gift Show.

“This fee was about the same as the one for the home and garden show,” Fullmer said. “I think they will change the fee for all of us that are here.”

Other vendors have voiced their opinions about the fee, $350 for a small booth and $500 for a larger one.

“I have had feedback from vendors that they would love to have a special price offered,” Berezay said. “With them being the first selection of vendors here, this might be an exciting benefit of being the foundation of this event.”

The coordinators plan to continue the expo next year, with a few changes.

“This is the inaugural year,” Berezay said. “So I would suspect there would be a lot of things that we will do differently and more systematically, so we’re more efficient.”

Only half of the ice center was covered with booths, allowing the expo room to grow in future years.

“Today’s an odd day, it’s just not happening,” Fullmer said Saturday morning. “There was a lot more traffic yesterday, but even that was slow.”

Logan Recreation Center booth manager Alyssa Shwartz felt the expo made people more aware of the recreation center’s services.

“We’ve had a lot of people come in who don’t know about the rec center, which is good because we can explain it,” Shwartz said.

Berezay counted the event a success.

“I feel like it’s been amazing, the energy and synergy of connections and relationships that have been built from all of the vendors, to the presenters, to the people attending,” Berezay said. “I feel like there’s just a lot of value all the way around.”


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