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Freebies finished; Hyde Parkers must pay for N. Logan library service

March 21st, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Jamee Dyches

HYDE PARK — After June 30, Hyde Park residents will no longer have free use of the North Logan Library.

The North Logan City Council voted unanimously Mar. 16 to adopt a resolution that will allow the library to charge non-residents a fee of $163 per household per year to obtain a library card.

In 2000, Hyde Park was invited to join with North Logan and put together a combined library. Hyde Park residents turned down the opportunity through a vote. Shortly after that, North Logan resident Dell Loy Hansen proposed a challenge grant to the cities. Hansen made a donation of land worth approximately $1 million; the donation was put into the James P. Thorne Endowment.

“It was to show Hyde Park residents the benefits of having a library,” North Logan City Administrator Jeff Jorgensen said of the challenge grant.

Annual proceeds from the endowment were given to the North Logan Library. In exchange for those proceeds and an initial donation of $70,000 from Hyde Park, the North Logan Library agreed to provide the children of Hyde Park access to its materials. For an additional $10,000 per year, the library would allow the adults of Hyde Park access as well.

The city of Hyde Park would not commit to paying the extra $10,000, so in 2003, it was agreed that residents of Hyde Park could donate money, and Hansen agreed to add extra funds if needed. During the 10-year period, Hyde Park has never reached the $10,000 mark, so the Thorne Endowment was increased to make up the difference.

After 10 years, North Logan has no obligation to continue allowing Hyde Park residents full access to the library. June 30, 2011, marks the end of that agreement.

“We’ve had a lot of citizens very interested and concerned about not being able to use the library,” City Recorder Marsha Hymas said.

According to North Logan’s city website , the city has offered the Hyde Park City Council numerous opportunities to create a plan whereby Hyde Park would share fairly in the cost of the library. North Logan has expressed a willingness to consider options that would allow others to use the library, as long as it would be fair to those who pay for the library, specifically North Logan residents.

“I will be providing citizens information on the services that Smithfield and North Logan [libraries] offer with the associated fees in the Hyde Park newsletter in May,” Mayor Bryan Cox said. “That would allow the resident to hopefully make an informed decision on what is best for their family.”


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