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Green Canyon a ‘free thrill’ – but not haunted, students say

December 8th, 2009 Posted in Arts and Life

By Amanda Pierce

NORTH LOGAN–Green Canyon is a popular place for students to break away from the stress of school and maybe even discover a thrill.

Jenele Vander Veur, a junior at Utah State University, has been camping and has built several bonfires in Green Canyon. She loves going there as opposed to other canyons because it is open all the time, instead of closing at 10, she said.
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“That’s why it’s cool and why I’m always ready for a bonfire,” Vander Veur said. It’s especially popular in the warmer months. Going to Green Canyon is something fun and different to do for students, she said.

Green Canyon is a popular place to be, said Shelayne Hunsaker, a junior at USU.

Gabby Isaacs, a sophomore at USU, said that she heard Green Canyon is haunted. She said she went there one time, but was too afraid to really go inside. “I thought a construction cone was a man and everyone started screaming,” Isaacs said. “If I believed in ghosts, then I think it could be haunted.”

Vander Veur and Hunsaker disagree. They both said they didn’t think that Green Canyon could be haunted.

“I’m not afraid of ghosts,” Hunsaker said. “I’m afraid of murderers and rapists.”

Isaacs said people are probably more afraid of the prospect of being harmed than of spirits being present.

“I think it’s a thrill for people to be afraid of haunted stuff,” she said. “But I think it’s actually scary to think of somebody that is going to kill you.”

Hunsaker said the fear of murderers and rapists is a more realistic threat because “ghosts are more supernatural and no one knows if they are real or not”.

“I think subconsciously somebody could convince themselves that this place is haunted and trip themselves out, so it’s a lot of fun for them,” Isaacs said. “But if they are like ‘Oh my gosh there is a serial killer in here’, then it isn’t fun.”

Hunsaker said students go to Green Canyon because it’s a free thrill.


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