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‘Haunted Hyde Park Hollow’ offers family-friendly spook alley

November 1st, 2015 Posted in Arts and Life

By Mekenna Malan

HYDE PARK — After four years of haunts, the Hyde Park Youth Council has changed the name of its yearly spook alley to the “Haunted Hyde Park Hollow.” The Halloween festivity will runs Oct. 28-30.

“We’re trying to look more legitimate,” said Youth Council adviser Stephanie Allred. “We are doing a lot more advertising this year than we ever have, so we are hoping to stay busy all three nights.”

The haunted hollow exists largely to give families with young children something to do, Allred said. “A spook alley for all ages,” it is held to give children something more to attend during Halloween than the yearly pumpkin walk.

“We’ve got some little pumpkin flashlights and will be giving those to the kids and the faint-hearted,” she said. “When the council kids see the flashlights, they will know to back off and be a little more cute instead of scary. But if you don’t have a flashlight, the Youth Council kids love spooking it up and scaring people.”

There will be seven themed rooms making up the spook alley at the Hyde Park city offices, 113 E. Center St., this year, Allred said. Members of the Youth Council will split up to plan, decorate and haunt the rooms.

“Each new youth council that comes in has its own ideas,” she said. “We’ve got 22 kids on the Council, and they love this. For most of them, I think this is their favorite event.”

Rylee Fullmer, Hyde Park’s youth mayor, said the haunted hollow is one of the best activities the Youth Council does during the year because it gives them planning opportunities.

“I’m a chairman for the insane asylum-themed room,” Fullmer said. “I won’t give too many details away, but there will be hospital gowns and straightjackets, bed frames, wheelchairs… It’ll be spooky.”

Allred said the haunted hollow is grateful for sponsors, such as both Wal-Marts and Home Depot, which donated a skeleton head with glowing eyes this year. Funds raised from previous spook alleys account for other decorations, and fund monthly service projects throughout the rest of the year.

“The Youth Council chooses at least one service project a month, and charging $3 at the doors of the spook alley enables us to be self-funded for those activities,” she said. “The Haunted Hyde Park Hollow will be our service project for October, so we hope everyone will come and get spooked and support the Council.”

The Haunted Hyde Park Hollow will be held at the Hyde Park City Offices on Oct. 28-30, 7-9:30 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, and 7-10 p.m. on Friday.


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