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Hungry for business: Logan sports shop opens a door for Even Stevens

January 26th, 2016 Posted in Business, Logan News

By Ben Nielsen

The Sportsman and Even Stevens sandwich shop in downtown Logan will be connected by an internal doorway when the restaurant opens in late winter.

Mark Fjeldstead, a co-owner of the Sportsman, said customers of both locations will be able to move back and forth between businesses without going outside. Fjeldstead owns both the building where the Sportsman is located as well as the neighboring building, to the north, where Even Stevens will open in February or March.

“We had a title company in that space for years,” Fjeldstead said. “We thought to ourselves that it would be better for downtown and for our business if we had something that brought a little more foot traffic.”

The Sportsman sells primarily sports-based retail products, but Fjeldstead expects that having a restaurant connected will greatly benefit business.

“Even Stevens anticipates bringing in two to three hundred people a day to their establishment,” Fjeldstead said. “And heavens, if 10 percent of those walk through into our store then we’ll be thrilled.”

Sara Day, the director for Even Steven’s community engagement, said she is looking forward to the businesses working together.

“We just love the people that own the Sportsman,” she said. “They like our concept and they love our business so why wouldn’t we work with them?”

Even Stevens brands itself as a restaurant with a cause. For every sandwich sold at its restaurants, funds are donated to an account that non-profit organizations can tap into to feed those in need.

“We wanted a program that works well in any city anywhere,” Day said about Even Stevens’ donation system. “We want it to be easy for the non-profits.”

Day said Even Stevens will be working with CAPSA in Logan, the Cache Valley Food Pantry and the Cache Valley Senior Center.

“I think what they do is great and I fully support it,” Fjeldstead said. “They like everything about our location and we like everything about them. It’s a match made in heaven.”

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