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Hyde Park dog runs must be closer to owners’ homes, council says

September 29th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Allee Evensen

HYDE PARK — The city is taking it down a few decibels. Two new ordinances were brought to the floor at Wednesday’s City Council meeting that could make Hyde Park a little more quiet.

The first, an animal control mandate, would move dog runs closer to their owners and further away from their neighbors. If a dog barks excessively, the owner may be subject to a warning. If complaints continue, the owner may be subject to a citation from law enforcement.

Councilman Charles Wheeler said that residents often build dog runs on the edge of their property to avoid barking and bad smells, but that often puts the runs closer to the adjacent property.

Councilman Brent Kelly is concerned that the ordinance may be a challenge to enforce. “I don’t know how we would enforce or define this,” he said. “It’s so vague.”

The ordinance passed unanimously.

A modification to the current noise ordinance may prohibit “repetitive” noises between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Between those times, residents and businesses may not produce excessive noise. When the ordinance was initially brought in a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting July 20, Commission Chairman Bret Randall said he had heard construction outside his home as early as 6 a.m.

The council voted to continue the ordinance and pass it at a later date, citing that they couldn’t define what “excessive” noise meant. “I think this needs more tweaking,” Wheeler said.

In other news, the council discussed the addition of Airgas, an industrial, medical and specialty gas company, to Hyde Park. John White represented Airgas at the Planning and Zoning Commission on Sept. 7 and presented renderings of what the building would look like, and the steps the AirGas would take to meet city regulations for a building permit.

Airgas has been trying to secure land adjacent to the Maverick store on Center Street but is waiting for final approval from the city before they begin planning. White claimed that Airgas does $4 million of sales out of its Logan branch, which would create a large tax revenue for Hyde Park. The council is concerned the building will look “industrial” and may not represent Hyde Park’s image.

The council said they would relay the issue back to the planning commission.


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