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Hyde Park man presents vision for winter fun park to council

January 28th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Kayla Harding

HYDE PARK–Resident Bruce Clark proposed in Wednesday night’s City Council meeting that Lions Park’s improvements include plans for a snow park during the winter.

“Hyde Park is a community of families and we’re all trying to raise our families the best way we can, but we’re having problems with our children because they’re not very active,” Clark said. “They’re either watching TV or playing video games, especially during the winter time like it is now, when they can’t go out and play that much.”

Clark’s vision of the snow park contains areas where sledding can be enjoyed by children and families while being safe; making it so no one could sled out into the street. Clark was also enthusiastic about a fountain that would spray water and then freeze to create an ice castle, with alternating lights underneath, shining onto the sculpture to add beauty to the park.

Clark mentioned that the city has the personnel to maintain the park and trails, and that they would have the time in the winter to manage his proposed snow park. He also wants the park to be the center of a snow festival-type holiday, with warm food and games, such as ice sculpture contests.

“There’s nothing in the valley like that, this would be a good holiday, something to end the boredom during the middle of the winter,” Clark said. “It would be something our children and families could go up their on Monday nights, or weekends and have a good time and be safe.”

The council has already made preparation for sledding and a fire pit on the south end of the park, according to Councilman Charles Wheeler. He said he has a landscape architect drawing the plans to include the detailed winter changes in comparison to the old master plan.

Wheeler said the plan also includes removal of dangerous trees at the bottom of the hill, which will be replaced with grass to make it safer for sledding. Plans for a pavilion and an additional restroom are also included in the new layout.

Wheeler invited Clark to see the draft Thursday afternoon and visit about his proposal before it goes to final copy.


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