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Hyde Park, N. Logan, Smithfield seek traffic solution

September 24th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Michael Stewart

HYDE PARK–The Hyde Park, North Logan and Smithfield city councils met jointly Thursday at the Hyde Park city hall to discuss how they can better their cities for the public.

The councils discussed public transportation, public safety, and real estate. Council members mapped out alternative routes through the cities in order to lighten the traffic on Main Street.

The people attending the meeting were not thrilled with alternative 6A because it was not convenient for everyone, and in a 24-person survey taken prior to the meeting, 79 percent said they did not want alternative 5. The councils decided they want preferred alternatives from the public. They are not the ones making this decision. It is in the hands of the public.

A large portion of the meeting was regarding what the cities want behind George S. Eccles Ice Center. It was a controversial topic because people wanted something on that real estate a long time ago. There were suggestions for soccer fields and a parking lot on 200 East. There is a corn maze there and room for more festivities. The councils were unable to make a final decision regarding the matter because they need to know what the preferred alternative route is going to be.

There was talk of public safety for children as they walk home from school. Some of their routes do not have sidewalks or crosswalks.

“It’s a bad situation putting kids out there and we’re trying to fix this as fast as possible,” said Jeff Jorgensen, city administrator. Police have done their best to direct traffic to make sure children get home safe but there are no crossing guards yet, said Jorgensen.


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  1. 3 Responses to “Hyde Park, N. Logan, Smithfield seek traffic solution”

  2. By duh on Sep 28, 2010

    how about enforcing the “slower traffic keep right”
    or ticketing people for driving 10 under
    or having the cops themselves stop cutting people off, tailing teens, and sitting half way our in the road while napping.

    it’s an easy fix, but the same retards that cause the problem won’t be able to fix it.

  3. By Matt on Sep 28, 2010

    Great article..for a 4th grader.

  4. By Kyna on Sep 28, 2010

    There is not enough traffic yet, to warrent even CONSIDERING going thru those cities. I commute that road during commute hours, and at its worst, I’m still doing 55, with the exception of being stopped at 1 stop light. There are several other issues regarding public safety in respect to roads. One of those is the lack of Driver notification around the sidewalk at Center and Main in Smithfield – and there are options that would not impede the “flow of traffic” as the city has told us. The second item to consider, is that 45 through town, and 55 on a road with a turning lane and cross traffic is simply too fast, if there is so much traffic. the fact that the speed limit in the north end of Smithfield does not slow down to 45 until you are at 4th North, is a serious danger to all of the new development that is now north of there.

    One other thing to consider? Is that there have been reports of excessive speeding on that stretch of road, with warnings from patrol men that they are watching. If there is such a traffic problem, how are so many people exceeding the speed limit?

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