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Hyde Park OK’s agreement that will connect U.S. 91 and 1200 East

October 15th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Dana Ivins

HYDE PARK – The City Council approved an agreement Wednesday with PEPG Engineering to extend 3100 North and 600 South, in order to connect U.S. 91 and 1200 East. Councilman Charles Wheeler said the connection would decrease the amount of driving Hyde Park and North Logan residents would have to do, which would also reduce pollution.

Wheeler expressed concerns about the city’s protection, saying he doesn’t want the entities involved to be “married” to an agreement with the engineering firm should something happen. With the understanding that protections be put in place, the council moved to approve the agreement, and the motion carried 4-1. North Logan and the county must also give approval before the project can move forward.

Dan Turner from PEPG Engineering said the firm has been looking into grants for the project in order to lessen the hits to pocketbooks of Hyde Park, North Logan and Cache County. Mayor David Kooyman said that if the project was terminated partway through, those three entities would pay for the work done up to that point.

The council also approved a petition for annexation of the Trigger Enterprises, L.L.C. property owned by Afton Tew. Kooyman made sure the council knew they were just “approving the process” so the property owners can proceed with a request for annexation, which will include a public hearing. Surveyer Von Hill expressed a desire to have the annexation completed by the end of the year.

Kooyman discussed the possibility of doing online demographic surveys for the city, saying he was “overwhelmed by the capabilities” of the program being considered. Use of the program is a one-time $2,500 fee, said Kooyman. He added that doing surveys via Internet is something many cities in Utah have already adopted. “The concept’s good, it meets our needs.”

The mayor acknowledged that there might be questions about the number of people who have Internet access, but said, “I suspect they [the numbers] are relatively high.” He addressed concern about the elderly especially, noting that increasing numbers of elderly people are using Twitter and other things that require Internet. Councilman Brent Kelly said he would look more into the possibility of using online surveys.

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