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Hyde Park residents nominate candidates for council, mayor

September 18th, 2009 Posted in Opinion

By Dana Ivins

HYDE PARK –- In lieu of a primary election, residents gathered for a nominating convention at the city office building Sept. 13. Voting in November will determine the filling of one mayoral position and two city council positions by the nominated individuals.

The outgoing city personnel are Mayor Dave Kooyman, Councilwoman Carol Johnson and Councilman Bryan Cox.

Residents divided into two groups, designated the Citizens Party and Peoples Party, to ensure enough candidates were placed on the ballot. Each party then proceeded with nominations in separate rooms, and commenced having selected a mayoral candidate and two council candidates each. Here are the results:

Mayoral Candidates

Tom Price has been a resident of Hyde Park for 3 years. “We need someone who doesn’t bruise easily,” said Price. “People in this community need to be listened to,” he said, emphasizing that he is determined to keep taxes down.

Bryan Cox, a resident for 13 years, is currently a member of the council and says his experience in city government will benefit the community. He wants to maintain the community and “continue with the rural atmosphere.”

Council Candidates

Marvin Biggs has lived in the city for 20 years and says he loves the community and wants what’s best for its members. He said he’s a good candidate for the position because he’s a “new face in office” and “willing to listen to others’ ideas.”

Mark Hurd is currently part of the Planning and Zoning Commission and has lived in Hyde Park for a collective 8 years. He stated at the convention that he wants to keep the community welcoming to others.

Carol Johnson, a resident for 72 years, said “I have a certain amount of common sense.” Currently a member of the council, she stated that she’d like to see the city keep its promises to the people.

Sam Balls could not be contacted.

This year, residents are required to present appropriate identification in order to vote in November. Questions about valid forms of identification can be directed to the Hyde Park city office.

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