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Hypnotist turns willing Logan audience into zombies for the night

October 29th, 2011 Posted in Arts and Life

By Lindsay Nemelka

LOGAN – Local hypnotist Abracadan transformed a Logan Arthouse & Cinema audience into real-life zombies and aliens recently. At least real enough for one participant, who got extremely nervous when two “aliens” approached her near the stage; describing one with multiple arms and the other being stretched.

Daniel Geddes, clinical hypnotist by day and entertainer by night, demonstrated some “mind experiments” to mark the Halloween season. Adorned in his mad scientist laboratory coat, Abracadan took to the stage to demonstrate the tangible effect hypnotism can have on people and advocate its benefits.

Out of ten eager participants Geddes only managed to fully hypnotize one, but that happens sometimes, he said. Audience member Bryan Johnson commented that Geddes seemed a bit frustrated that he could only get one person hypnotized, but thought the show was still fun.

“He was professional while still being entertaining and informative,” said Johnson.

The participant’s arms would dangle on the ground as she immediately slumped over when Geddes ordered her to sleep. The audience roared when Geddes made the woman forget her name and left her perplexed when she tried to count to ten on her fingers, unknowingly leaving out the number six every time.

Geddes attended the Utah School for Hypnotherapy where he discovered a love for hypnosis, similar to his previous entertaining endeavor as a magician. Though he admitted hypnosis can have a powerful effect on a willing participant, it is not mind control. Geddes instead described it as putting suggestions into a person’s head, in which they can freely choose whether or not to act upon them.

At his hypnotherapy office in Logan he offers treatment for overcoming phobias, stress management techniques, weight management, and smoking. Right before Geddes woke the participant from her hypnosis, he told her she would be able to focus better in school and that she would sleep well that night.


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