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Landlord licensing approved by Logan council

March 3rd, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Cody Littlewood

Logan Municipal Council approved an ordinance to require business licenses for landlords in a unanimous decision Tuesday night. The ordinance has been long coming for the past six months.

The city held a public hearing before the vote. There were strong objections for over an hour on the issue.

The only two people who stood in front of of the council and voiced support of the ordinance both served on the committee established six months ago to study the issue. Ten of the committee members were former landlords, including Councilman Jay Monson.

Spencer Lee, executive vice-president of ASUSU’s executive council, said that he strongly supported the ordinance. Students don’t feel protected as of now, Lee said.

Allen Hinckley supported it, saying that it was not all that he wanted. He wanted inspections of every dwelling. As of now the ordinance requires inspections only when there is a complaint. The city can be a complainant party.

Bruce Rigby, who owns property in Logan, said the grandfathering process in the ordinance needs serious attention. The burden of proof is on the owner and this can be a huge headache for a landlord, he said.

Rick Rose, a Logan landlord, said this ordinance does not respect the citizens, and that the the grandfather process was being handled poorly.

“There is no confidence in these people here,” he said, gesturing towards the city staff.

Rose urged the council to vote down the ordinance. “I’ve been defending my rights and my children’s rights since this process started,” he said.

After the public hearing the council voted yes to the ordinance. Dean Quayle was the only council member to voice some concern. He said he was confused by the grandfathering process and wanted to know more about the costs involved.

The ordinance will go into effect July 1 and the license will cost landlords $50.


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