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License plates stolen by thief in the night

March 28th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

By Chris Lee

LOGAN- A 32-year-old Logan woman was surprised to find the license plate on her 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix missing Monday. The plates went missing during the night, but the woman told police that she didn’t see or hear anything.

Logan Police Lt. Brad Franke said the police take license plate theft very seriously. He said license plates are one of the main ways police identify vehicles.

“The license plates have been entered in the system, into the national computers as stolen,” Franke said. “If they’re run by any policeman in the country they would come back as stolen plates.”

Franke said he couldn’t think of very many reasons why someone would steal a license plate.

“The only reason that I can think of, that you would take them would be that you have a similar car and your plates are expired and you’re hoping to just be able to get away with driving on those plates for awhile,” Franke said. “Or if you were going to do some nefarious activity and didn’t want to keep your license plates on your car.”

License plate theft isn’t common but it does happen, he said. In this case, there was no other damage to the car; the cost of replacing the plates is around $50.


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