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Logan High School implements new programs to prepare for ACT

December 12th, 2015 Posted in Education

By Lee Johnson

Logan High School has started new math remediation classes to help prepare struggling students for the ACT.

The change was prompted by Logan City School District’s goal that, by 2020, all students will meet or exceed the national percentage of students that meet the four college readiness benchmarks as determined by the ACT. Additional remediation classes for English will start after winter break.

“There’s the math portion, which is the largest portion of the ACT as far as time is concerned, and probably the most difficult of the four tests that are given,” said Alma Brown, the academic support coordinator at Logan High. “We want to make sure all of our students have those basic necessary skills to be functional and then some.”

Brown said the classes are still in a pilot stage and, if they are a success, they may go further than math and English remediation.

“We have chosen as a school district, we have chosen as a state, to focus on using the ACT as one of the tools in accomplishing what our mandate is as a high school,” Brown said.

Along with remediation classes, Logan High will be switching to the John Baylor Prep test to prepare students for the ACT.

“It’s a little bit more concrete,” said Shane Ogden, the principal of Logan High.

The program allows students to watch videos, work in groups and use sample tests to prepare for the ACT.

“That would be a focus for us in January and February,” Ogden said. “If that’s the way the district has set that goal then we need to make sure that we, as each of the buildings in our district, are focusing our efforts towards that.”

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