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Logan Library Board offers new homebound service program

November 22nd, 2013 Posted in Opinion

By Brad Bair

LOGAN –A new library delivery service for homebound residents of Logan began on Monday.

Director Robert Shute and librarian Joseph Anderson discussed the program with the Logan City Library Board recently. The program that has been in development for months, but is now ready for a soft opening.

The service was created for residents of Logan who are permanently or temporarily disabled and unable to visit the library.

“Libraries are always changing,” Anderson said. “We need to recognize that and adapt. This program helps patrons who really wish to use the library, but physically can’t.”

The homebound service allows a resident to have a maximum of five books in possession at a time, down from the 25 allowed for a walk-in patron. The books will be shipped via the United States Postal Service, but board members were skeptical about shipping because of the high costs.

“I think that we could coordinate shipping with some volunteer services or other businesses,” said chairman of the library board, Chad Hutchings. “We should look into what other libraries are doing.”Board members also raised their concerns about workloads on an already small staff.

“We looked into Salt Lake County’s program, and they only have about two dozen patrons using their service,” Anderson said. “We sort of modeled our program after theirs, but with a few changes.”

According to Anderson, individuals will be able to contact the library staff via telephone to order their literature; a process Anderson compared to ordering a pizza.

“It’s all about making it easier for the patrons to find and take advantage of our offerings,” said Shute regarding his support for the program. “We’ve worked and worked on this program to figure out all the details.”

The service is scheduled to begin with librarians introducing the program to senior care centers and with word-of-mouth marketing in Logan.

“We don’t know how popular this will be,” Anderson said. “My hope is to really get the word out and help people who want to read, but can’t because they are stuck at home.”

Residents who are interested in signing up for the homebound service are encouraged to call the Logan Library at (435) 716-9123.

– Brad Bair reports on Logan City Politics at http://logancitypolitics.wordpress.com


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