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Logan men cited for underage drinking

April 14th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Mariah Noble

LOGAN–Police gave citations for underage drinking to two men after they consumed alcohol at a party around 3 a.m. Tuesday

Police had received an anonymous tip that led them to the residence west of the Utah State University campus, Logan Police Lt. Brad Franke said. There they made contact with several people before finding Logan residents Charles Myers, 20, and Kaleb Pugsley, 19, who had been drinking.

“The procedure with a citation is similar to that of a traffic ticket,” Franke said. “But it is a criminal offense. People who are charged with this are cited and released at the scene, but it’s a Class B misdemeanor, and they later are required to appear in front of municipal court.”

Franke said people who are cited for minor in possession of alcohol, or in this case underage adults, are often required to pay hundreds of dollars in fines, take a class to create better alcohol awareness and are sometimes placed on probation.

“The time that we seem to see a lot of the underage kids is at the very first of the school year,” Franke said. “That’s when a lot of kids come up and for the first time aren’t living with their parents.”

Franke also said the police see an increase of incidences of underage drinking towards the end of semesters and big events, like the Halloween Howl.

“I think more of-age people start drinking, and then more that aren’t quite there yet get caught up in the middle of it,” Franke said.


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