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Logan Planned Parenthood remains healthy despite funding cuts 

October 9th, 2015 Posted in Logan News

By Alix Zelener

The Logan Planned Parenthood office will remain fully functional, leaving residents who rely on its services breathing a sigh of relief.
Despite Gov. Gary Herbert’s efforts to block disbursement of federal funding to all nine Utah Planned Parenthood offices, the Logan office will remain fully operational in its education programs.
Individual Planned Parenthood locations have the flexibility to set their own office hours based on appointment volume and the population being served. Logan Planned Parenthood will be able to continue providing all of its educational and health services since it already saves money by offering shortened office hours, four days a week.
Because Cache County has the second lowest sexually transmitted disease rate in Utah, behind only Morgan County, Logan Planned Parenthood can operate with abbreviated office hours while still fully providing all necessary services to its target population.
“I’m really relieved honestly,” said Utah State University sophomore Kaity Maines. “It’s an important resource for college students and it’s comforting to know that all services remain fully functional so I don’t have to drive to Ogden.”
Two statewide Planned Parenthood sexual education programs based in Salt Lake County were recently eliminated due to budget constraints, leaving a gap in the organization’s mission to educate Utah residents.
“It’s disappointing but our efforts to educate will continue on a smaller scale, relying on our individual clinics to do all they can,” said Annabelle Sheinberg, the education director for Utah Planned Parenthood. “Part of our mission is to educate people throughout the country about sex and sexually transmitted diseases but with a particular focus on college campuses. College students are the largest population affected by STDs, so they are often the ones we need to educate on how to be safe and on what to do if they need help.”
For that reason, most of the Planned Parenthood offices in Utah were located near college campuses to make it convenient for college students to receive educational information and health services.
Logan’s Planned Parenthood office is located at 550 N. Main St., Suite 17.
Additional information about Planned Parenthood, including available programs and services and office hours is available at https://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-center/utah/logan/84321/logan-health-center-2420-91730


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