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Logan wood-fired pizza restaurant will stay and expand

October 9th, 2012 Posted in Business

By Jessica Sonderegger

LOGAN–Contrary to rumors, Jack’s Wood-Fired Oven is here to stay. The upcoming two-week closure, beginning Oct. 13, will be for nothing more than an expansion; a temporary break from business to renovate, reform and revise.

To “build on the foundation of what Jack has built,” said Bryan Ezola.

An opportunity in Star Valley, Wyo. and a newly collaborated co-ownership has encouraged a change of pursuit and focus—though Jack himself said they’re will not be a change in priority:  “We’ll be focusing on what we do best, and that’s pizza.”

After faithfully serving the valley for almost three years, some of which with their family alone, Jack and Julie Carlisle are recognizing an opportunity to grow, and they are taking it.

For the past six years, Jack has been involved with the construction, development and catering service of the Star Valley Trout Ranch Resort. He will primarily be dedicating himself to the resort and conducting his involvement with the Bronze Buffalo Club. “The majority of my efforts will be there,” Jack said.

Meanwhile, the crew back home will be generating and executing a host of innovations and best-made-plans.

“The restaurant is finally gonna be at the level of our food,” Ezola said. And “there is nothing more important to us than our food.”

Ezola and Josh Dearing, long-time Jack’s employees, were recently promoted to positions of management. Along with Julie and co-owner Judy Ezola, they are preparing to execute the recently developed ambitions of Jack and his team: double the menu, transform the former Elefunk Records space into an extension of Jack’s dining room and create an ambiance that will promote “Logan envy.”

Dearing explained his own personal objective is to create a scene that the Salt Lake area would be envious of. He hopes to reverse the “Salt Lake envy” that he claims Cache Valley is suffering from and provide an eating experience that people will travel for.

“We’re just trying to capitalize on the historic uniqueness of this building,” Dearing said. “The majority of things people love about Jack’s will (still) be here.”

Not closing or relocating or even selling the farm,  Jack’s is simply expanding to provide more opportunity. More opportunity to serve, more opportunity to grow and more opportunity to showcase their creations.

It’s “what we do,” Bryan said. “There is nothing more important to us than our food.”



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