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Logan’s Noodles & Co. now serving adult beverages

August 30th, 2013 Posted in Business

Story and photo by Manda Perkins

LOGAN — Beer and wine enthusiasts in the Logan area have a new dining option to consider: Noodles & Company in Logan began serving alcohol Aug. 28, having acquired a liquor license in late May.  Now age-eligible “noodlers” can enjoy a cold beer with their Wisconsin Mac and Cheese, or perhaps a glass of chardonnay with their Whole Grain Tuscan Linguini.

Kevin Clayburn, general manager of Noodles & Company, said most of the chain’s 343 restaurants around the nation serve alcohol and have for a long time.

“Our previous manager had some experience working in Logan and he was a little hesitant to introduce it,” Clayburn said. “When we had a change in management we rethought the whole idea and decided to try it.”

As described in the Logan city municipal code, city policy is to “neither promote nor encourage the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages.” Because of this, Clayburn said he felt some trepidation about introducing alcohol to the menu.

Logan “Noodlers” can now purchase alcoholic beverages along with their meals. Photo by Manda Perkins.

“I am a little bit nervous because I know how strict the laws are,” he said. “They’ve changed recently to become even stricter. So, in that sense, I feel like we’re walking on eggshells.”

Scott Hamilton, assistant manager, said that due to the lack of advertisement and attention the restaurant has given this addition, it will seem like nothing more than a new item available for purchase.

“I think our current guests will come in more often knowing that we have alcohol,” Hamilton said. “But it’s not like every guest is going to walk in and we’ll say, ‘We have booze! Buy it from us!’ It’s always been about the food. Our focus is still to create an excellent dining experience.”

Clayburn said that now having alcohol on the menu in a city where such beverages are not frequently ordered is evidence of the uniqueness of the restaurant.

“Noodles & Company is different from any other restaurant in this area, and any other restaurant out there,” he said. “But people aren’t going to come to Noodles to drink the beer; they can get that anywhere else. This is just something to make their date or evening with us even more of a success.”

Among the new drinks are Redd’s Apple Ale, Coors Light, Full Suspension, Chasing Tail, and a selection of Black Box and other wines. A full menu is available upon request.


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