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Mendon issues last 2 building permits as moratorium takes effect

November 18th, 2015 Posted in Opinion

By Jordan Floyd

MENDON — The Mendon Planning and Zoning Commission gave the go-ahead for the town’s last two home building permits last week, before the official start of the city’s building moratorium.

The Tolman and Robinson families are the last of six families to gain approval from the board in the past month.

“We went from seventh on the waiting list to having permission,” Clint Robinson said. “We’re excited — we’ve been working at this for a while.”

The city reluctantly imposed a moratorium on new construction in October because of low city water supplies.

Before giving the families permission to start building, the board addressed a number of concerns such as water and a July 1 deadline to measure construction progress.

Robinson is building his home with the help of subcontractors, he said, and is concerned with the time stipulation. After discussing the deadline with board member Michael Morgan, however, both agreed Robinson could meet the deadline.

“If you think you can do that, you’ve got the go-ahead,” Morgan said.

Initially, the Mendon City Council granted eight building permits, but two families opted not to accept their building permits because they feared they would be unable to meet the stipulations for construction progress by mid-summer.

Now that the six families are approved to build, Mayor Ed Buist urged the residents of Mendon to understand the building moratorium is a fluid policy. “If we find water, we can begin building again,” Buist said. “The policy says the Council can reconsider the decision.”

The city is currently looking for water, Buist noted. City engineer Eric Dursteler is working with the state to do a water survey with funds from a loan the city already holds.

“We’re at the threshold to stop building, just to be safe,” Buist said.

Nonetheless, the six families who are able to build are excited to begin their homes.

“I’m not from here, but my husband is, and it’s the best place to raise a family,” said Kaymie Davidson, who is building a home in Mendon. “We’re excited to eventually be a part of this town.”


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