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Mendon P&Z postpones decision on building request

April 14th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Teresa Nield

MENDON — Anthony Van Natter asked the Planning and Zoning Board Wednesday for permission to build a shop, and showed the board his plans for a 50-by-30-foot structure that he could use to work on cars.

Van Natter was told by the board that his request would be delayed a month. Chairman Burnis Skinner said, “We don’t see any issues at all, we just need to do it properly.”

Skinner told Van Natter that his request would be put on the agenda for next month’s meeting for a vote after it had a chance to be advertised to the public.

In other business, Mayor Ed Buist gave the board an update on Mendon’s current water well situation. Referring to the well the city had been drilling, Buist said, “as painful as it is, we are walking away from that.”

Buist told the board that the Deep Canyon well the city was drilling to replace the well that was turned off because of high levels of nitrates had trace amounts of arsenic in it, and although it could be cleaned, the costs for cleaning the water far outweigh what the well is worth.

“We need to get a source [of water] back,…we are looking at one and it’s looking pretty positive right now.” Buist said.

Buist also told the board the potential site for a new well involved land owned by three people, and the board would need to be prepared for possible business involving the land owners. Buist told the board it would be “intimately involved in this shortly.”


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