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Mendon’s GOP caucus: Record turnout, strong support for Hatch

March 16th, 2012 Posted in Opinion

Story and photos by Josh Ruggles

MENDON — The Republican caucus meeting for Mendon Precinct 2 had record attendance this year. Residents were standing and leaning against bookshelves in the Mendon Elementary School library as the meeting began at 7 p.m.

Last election year the precinct meeting had 60 to 80 attendees but this year brought 201 residents, said Adam Buriss, former precinct chairman.

“It was a great outcome, people cooperated and engaged,” Buriss said.

The continuous issue brought before nominees was the fate of Utah’s senior senator, Orrin Hatch. After friends and neighbors nominated potential delegates for the precinct, state and county, they were allowed to make their stand on the upcoming elections and specifically their opinions of Hatch.

While some nominees were in favor of ousting Hatch for a new, younger senator, several were passionate about keeping the senior senator.

“I just feel like he has so much experience and knowledge,” said newly elected state delegate Nancy Cheal, who received 125 votes — the most cast for any nominee at the meeting. “It takes years to acquire knowledge to get things done. As chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, he will be able to balance budget and reform taxes, experience matters.”

Some of the elected delegates did not take a public stand on whether or not Hatch should stay in office or not. Intent on learning as much as possible about each candidate, they sought the opinion of the Mendon community.

“I just am interested in finding out more about the issues. If anyone has a position on those issues, I will listen. I would just like to research and represent the community,” said Cristal Gordon, one of the newly elected county delegates.

With so many in attendance, the precinct and state delegate elections had to go through multiple rounds of voting. Several people sat on the floor of the cramped library, counting and recounting votes to decide who would represent their neighborhood in the upcoming state Republican convention to be held in April.

Many were happy with the outcome of the meeting and were excited to have Hatch supporters representing them, said resident Brian Gudmundson. “I am pleased for two reasons at this critical time. One, he will support Mitt Romney and two, he is chairman of the finance committee — one of the most powerful committees in the Senate.”


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