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Mendon’s mayor reflects on his term as finish line nears

December 11th, 2009 Posted in Arts and Life

By Kade Delis

MENDON—Mendon needed someone who would accomplish great things for the small city; Mike Morgan stepped up to that perch and had great practice doing it.

“It’s been a good experience,” says Morgan. “We made significant progress in establishing checks and balances in the community we have.”

Morgan, father of four and a marketing employee at Social Sam in Logan, served as Mendon’s mayor for four years. A graduate from USU in economics, he had a strong and prevalent connection to Cache Valley. He moved here from California when attending college and lived between Logan and Mendon with his family for over 27 years. Before he was mayor, he served as a member of the city council for four years, the planning and zoning commission for another four years and frequently volunteered for community projects.

With his term reaching its last chapter, Morgan, 48, recalls how he felt about all of it. After this, he says, he will be taking a break from politics. “It’s just time for me to be done,” Morgan said. “Twelve years is enough.”

Morgan said that he just wanted to make sure the mayor was someone who maintained and respected Mendon’s traditions and values. He says the biggest challenge for Mendon will be the water crisis that gained notoriety in August and is currently facing the community as well as the future population growth. The city council has been working on ways in which to solve them.

His wife, Laura Morgan, said the lifestyle they had while he was mayor was very positive. “It was good for our family to see their dad doing community service and he was very happy doing it,” she says. “He loved going to the meetings.

“The city council meetings,” she said, “were the busiest time for him because of all the work he had to prepare.” Preparing the water conditions and the planning and zoning work were especially laborious for him, she said.

Laura Morgan also said that there is a possibility he will run again for another term. She explained that deciding not to run for mayor again was a difficult decision that Mike took great consideration to. “He enjoys it enough he would do it again,” she said.

Of the newly elected mayor, Ed Buist, Morgan said he is confident that he will achieve many things. Morgan says Buist has been consulting with him and getting familiar with the council members. “I think he’s gonna do a wonderful job,” says Morgan.

Morgan said that a single person could not be attributed to the accomplishments that he and the other council members have made. That it takes more than one person to accomplish anything.


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