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Millions of Goldfish come from Pepperidge Farm’s Richmond plant

September 18th, 2010 Posted in Business

By Tim Russell

RICHMOND–Sweet, savory and wonderful, the Pepperidge Farm production plant, located at 901 W. 200 North, is snack food heaven.

It all began in 1937, when Margaret Rudkin developed a recipe for preservative-free bread. Since then, Rudkin sold the company to Campbell Soup and opened many new production plants.

In 1974, Richmond became the newest facility to make snack foods such as Goldfish and Milanos.

“Everyday we produce enough Goldfish that if you were to lay them down end-to-end, it would be long enough to reach New York and back,” HR Manager David Bryan said.

So what’s the secret behind so many smiling fishes? It’s the employees, said HR Supervisor Sharel Cundick. “We have a big diversity of personality.”

The Richmond plant employs roughly 450 workers, two thirds of which live in Cache County, while the remaining live in Franklin County, Idaho.

“We even have five [of our] original employees,” Cundick said

Pepperidge farm boasts excellent benefits, on site exercise equipment and even tuition reimbursement for students. Examples of jobs include, machine operating, mechanical engineering and forklift operating.

Pepperidge Farm also features a thrift store, which is open to the public and sells their products at bulk prices.


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