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Millville’s tasks include replacing pear trees that were goats’ dinner

January 30th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Mariah Noble

MILLVILLE–The City Council met Thursday to go over a water budget and quarterly financial report. They also discussed renting out a trailer on city grounds, replacing damaged trees in parks and putting up a city sign.

Superintendent Gary Larsen and City Recorder Rose Mary Jones led the discussion on the water budget. Larsen later spoke about a plan to conserve water by implementing a schedule for farmers to irrigate.

“We would eventually eliminate pump costs with this collaboration of irrigation,” Larsen said. “Once the schedule starts, you’d just set your water clock, and that’d be it.”

The council decided to replace two city-owned aristocrat pear trees whose bark had been stripped by two goats living nearby. “The owner is very interested in making restitution,” Larsen said. “He’s willing to pay for the damage.”

Larsen said the owner had already been cited by animal control for animals at large. The council decided to buy replacement trees of the same height and diameter from Zollinger Fruit and Tree Farm in River Heights.

Treasurer Tara Hobbs went over the quarterly financial report, and the council later voted unanimously to pay the bills.

Mayor Mike Johnson presented the idea for renting the trailer on city grounds to citizens who would in turn be responsible for maintaining the land and making minor repairs to the trailer.

“If we could keep the weeds down and the grounds looking nice, it’s better than an eyesore,” Councilman Brian Jensen said.

Larsen also discussed the possibility of putting up a sign for the city. The place he thought was best for the sign previously had been available to a commercial business through a contract. The council resolved to look into the contract details before making a decision on the matter.


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