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Millville P&Z wants simpler application form for permits

April 8th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Mariah Noble

MILLVILLE — Dan Hunsaker intends to build residential homes on two lots in the Millville Meadows development. He attended the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Thursday night to get approval for his plans, which the commission granted.

Hunsaker also asked about a storm-water permit application that City Engineer Zan Murray had discussed with him. “It’s like a 31-page application,” Hunsaker said. “There are legal issues attached to it.”

City Planner Meagan Hadfield said Murray was working on simplifying the permit and ordinance to make it more adaptable for similar and surrounding communities. “The ordinance is getting shorter and shorter, so it’s simple for developers in different cities,” Hadfield said.

Hunsaker disagreed. “I think it’s like opening Pandora’s box because everyone – the cities and city engineers – has a different plan,” Hunsaker said.

Hunsaker also expressed concern about subdivision fees. “It’s kind of a mess,” Hunsaker said. “One blanket’s got to fit everyone’s bed, and everyone’s bed isn’t the same size.”

Another request was submitted by Dave Hair, who was unable to attend the meeting. Hair requested a permit for a sign to hang above his business at 355 N. 100 West St., but the commission moved to continue the discussion and vote in their next meeting.

Through discussing this request, the commissioners decided they wanted to add two more specifications to forms in the future. “(The submitted application) doesn’t identify the materials that he’d be using for the sign,” Commission Chairman Jim Hart said. “In the future for our permanent file, it needs to be approved. We don’t want signs made out of things like cardboard.”

“And add to the form that they do in fact have a business license,” Commissioner Pat Bowman said.

The item was added to the calendar for the next planning and zoning meeting.


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