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Miniature horse births stillborn foal on Logan street; police seek owner

April 15th, 2011 Posted in Opinion

By Lis Stewart

LOGAN—The Logan City Police Department is looking for the owner of a miniature horse that was found wandering loose and in labor at about 550 E. Center St. Friday morning.

Lieutenant Brad Franke said an officer patrolling the area observed the horse wandering up the street, and called for backup. When he got out of his car the horse, about the size of a German Shepherd, came up to him and started nuzzling him as if it were looking for help.

It was then that the officer discovered the miniature horse was delivering a foal.

“The horse was in quite a distressful situation,” Franke said.

An animal control officer arrived and determined the foal’s legs were tangled around its head and was stuck. A police department employee who has experience with delivering horses soon showed up, and with her and the help of a veterinarian on the phone, they were able to deliver the foal.

“The unfortunate thing is the little colt that was delivered didn’t have a heartbeat,” Franke said.

The police department employee attempted to get the newborn foal’s heart going in vain. Franke said the mother horse must have been in distress so long that the foal could not be saved.

At this point the mother horse is doing fine, he said.

“It’s not every day that the police department delivers a baby and not just a baby, but a horse,” Franke said.

As of Friday evening, Franke said the police department has not been able to locate the owner of the horse, and if anyone knows who the owner is they can contact the Animal Control Division of the Logan City Police Department.

“We sent officers door to door down the street to see if anyone knew who owned it,” Franke said. “So far nobody has claimed it.”

Franke said the miniature horse is brown, about the size of a large dog, and appears to be well cared for.

Technically, the horse could be from anywhere in Logan. Franke said the city has no laws or zoning ordinances in regards to miniature horses.


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  2. By Max P Dahl on Apr 18, 2011

    Are you serious? I want a german-shepherd sized horse in my backyard…wandering the streets when its about to birth

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