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More law enforcement soon will be cruising Paradise

February 18th, 2010 Posted in Opinion

By Paul Lewis Siddoway

PARADISE–Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Ramirez told the Town Council Wednesday night additional police patrols will be coming to help enforce speed limits.

“I’ve been told about the four-way stop,” he said, speaking of the intersection of 8800 South and 200 West. “I’ve already asked day shift to watch it. In two weeks, I’ll get down here myself.”

On Feb. 3, the town council discussed an increase in people speeding and not stopping at stop signs on their to work and school in the mornings and on their way back later in the day. As part of their discussion, they resolved to ask Cache County Sheriff’s Office to be more involved.

Radar stations will be put up by the new church on the south end of town on the way to Avon, on eastbound 8800 South, westbound 8700 South as well as incognito stations around town to report how fast drivers are going “even when they don’t see the police,” he said.

Mayor Leland Howlett suggested just being seen cruising around town and driving by the park as the weather warms up and kids are bumming around, especially into May and June when they get out of school, which will help cut down on vandalism.

Bev Schiefer, town clerk, said, “If you see someone with junk cars in their yard or other violations, it’s not a bad idea to write them down, too.”

Ramirez said he’ll return next month with a sheriff’s action report of all police activity in Paradise and the surrounding area, adding that the south end of Paradise provides some pretty easy tickets and the people he pulls over are usually pretty friendly.

Deputies are also willing to help collect overdue water bills, he told the town council.


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